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Eric Stegmaier, MA
Archaeological Illustration Specialist

-Artifact Rendering-

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Sator Square, Dura Europos- oil on panel
Egyptian cartouche on a seashell- oil on panel
Egyptian red glass- oil on panel
Obsidian lithic spear point- pen and ink on scratchboard
Lion head seal (Yale Babylonian Collection)- oil on panel
Pendant in the shape of ruler or lord (Mayan)- oil on panel
Roman baldric fastener and buckle- pen and ink on scratchboard
Egyptian amulet- pen and ink
Roman pendant-oil on panel
Carved bone doll- oil on panel
Egyptian faiance- oil on panel
Herodian oil lamp- oil on panel
Egyptian heart scarabs- pen and ink
late 18th/early 19th century clay pipe (grave good)
Egyptian coffin panel- pen and ink
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