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Eric Stegmaier, MA
Archaeological Illustration Specialist


Archaeological Illustration (contract/project)

You've spent months or even years excavating, laboriously compiling research, and writing reports.  Shouldn't you have the highest quality illustration work to visually present your material?  From architectural drawing to pottery profiling and everything in between, Mr. Stegmaier is ready to supplement your excavation or post-excavation work with accurate, eye-catching illustrations without straining your project's budget.

Relic Art

Every antiquities collector has a favorite object. Mr. Stegmaier is now accepting commissions to have your most cherished pieces faithfully illustrated by hand for display in your home or office. Catalog and book illustration services are also available.  Click here for more information.


Mr. Stegmaier can assist you with custom exhibition sign design and catalog/book illustration.  Looking for "thank you" gifts for high-end donors and VIPs?  Perhaps your gift shop could use something a little different?  Consider commissioning signed prints of your collection's most prized artifacts, complete with your museum's logo.  Contact Eric to discuss your institution's needs.  

Retail (prints, consignment)

If you own or manage a specialty boutique or are a licensed dealer of antiquities with a storefront, consider carrying or commissioning a line of Mr. Stegmaier's Relic Art prints.  Original artwork is available for consignment as well.  Contact Eric to brainstorm ideas for your retail business.

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