Eric Stegmaier

"With some artifacts, I swear I can sense the veil of time being pulled away as I work with them, but the laws of nature keep the experience elusive, and those far distant places remain tantalizingly out of reach."

Eric began working as an archaeological illustrator for excavations throughout the Near and Middle East in 2002. His academic interests in religion led him to pursue a Master's degree in Religious Studies, with a focus on ancient death and burial practices from Sacred Heart University in 2007. Eric's work has been widely published, and his clientele has included Yale University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Tennessee, and University of Hartford.


Eric's love for cultural heritage manifests itself in his work, which is conducted thoughtfully and respectfully.  He is currently the Senior Conservation Assistant at the Yale Center for British Art, and resides in Connecticut with his wife and daughter.


2005 - 2007

Sacred Heart University- Fairfield, CT

Master of Arts in Religious Studies with a focus in ancient death and burial practices.

1998 - 2002

University of Hartford: Hartford Art School- West Hartford, CT

Bachelor of Fine Art: Illustration

Publication History

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Matheson, Susan B. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Athenian Red-figure and White-ground Vases in the Yale University Art Gallery (Yale University Art Gallery fascicule 1, U.S.A. fascicule 38; Philipp von Zabern, Darmstadt/Mainz-am-Rhein, 2011)

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Eric Stegmaier, MA
Archaeological Illustration Specialist