-Historical Illustrations-

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Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, 1929 New Standard, biplane, illustration, Eric Stegmaier, www.ericstegmaier.com
Trojan War, Greek fleet, achaeans, trojans, Helen of Sparta, Paris of Troy, Achilles, The Iliad, Homer
Las Cotorras Burial Reconstruction
Discovery of Ernest Shackleton ship Endurance with Saab Sabertooth ROV
Architecture, San Giovanni, Borromini
Spad VII, M1917, Fokker Dr.I, Bristol F.2B
106th Rescue wing, 101st rescue squadron, 102nd rescue squadron, 103rd rescue squadron, USAF, USANG, combat rescue, pararescue, illustration by Eric Stegmaier, www.ericstegmaier.com, US Air Force
Eric Stegmaier, MA
Archaeological Illustration Specialist