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St. Eustatius Airport Expansion Project: Day 9 (April 29, 2021)

View from the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute

I mentioned a few days ago that the project appeared to be going through it's "push" phase, and I was right. Today was the day that the team found its rhythm, and we accomplished a LOT. Morale was high throughout the day, fueled by one fascinating find after another. Even when one of our vehicles broke down and we had to fit 13 people, the find bins, and all our gear into one truck, we just laughed it off.

Tomorrow we receive our rapid antigen tests, which will hopefully clear us from quarantine. For some reason they use the deep nasal swabs here, which none of us look forward to receiving. However, once that's done, we'll have free reign to explore the island. A number of us are going to explore the beach first!

I'm also going to be video-chatting with my daughter's kindergarten classroom, which we've both been looking forward to. Aside from all that, tomorrow is a much-needed studio day for me, as I have a lot of field drawings that need inking.

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